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As part of the Tower Gardens new housing Development, Clarke construction Ltd appointed UDCS Ltd to conduct the demolition works of the Sutterton Water Tower and surrounding buildings

The project consisted of three phases being carried out consecutively and is a part of the governments “South East Lincolnshire Local Plan” which aims to have 7,500 new homes built in the Boston and the surrounding rural area by 2036. The works included asbestos removal of all buildings and an environmental clean of Guano which was located at the top of the water tower.

The scope of works included the demolition of the public house, outbuildings, water tower and underground tanks. These were demolished down to ground level and floor slabs, foundations and surrounding concrete were crushed down to 6F2 and left on-site ready to be used on the construction of the new housing. Operatives reclaimed 15,000 bricks from site and stock-piled for clients re-use later.

The water tower was 20 meters in height and was situated next to a bungalow which was still in use. Therefore, a high reach demolition spec excavator and demolition curtain were required to safely take down the water tower to ensure that no debris fell near or onto the bungalow below. This required lifting the demolition screen by crane and securing the base with concrete segregation blocks. This was kept in place until the tower was reduced to a safe height. The project took 5 weeks to complete and within the contracted programme. Utilizing a full time project manager, supervisor and up to 20 skilled operatives.

Daily liaison with the Main Contractor was essential to the smooth operation of the works in conjunction with the traffic management and local authorities.


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